Community & Environment

A company´s responsibility goes far beyond satisfying the wishes of it´s customers


GPL has different lines and programs that establish a close connection with the University and students from different faculties of the city. On one hand, internship agreements are maintained with various educational institutions and, on the other, free training programs are held for young university students, with the aim of providing knowledge about software development tools.

Also, we offer support and advice to public educational institutions, providing our technological tools and knowledge.


With respect to environment, we believe it is essential to focus our efforts on driving good business practices from a sustainable point of view, as well as designing practical initiatives accordingly.

We believe that as global citizens, we must choose the best environmental and social options at all times, i.e., we need to strike a balance between our economic needs and the needs of the planet.

Therefore, we implemented “actions” with an ecological impact that enable our company to support and drive the new trend of green offices.

Main measures:

  • Moderate use of air conditioners and heaters
  • Less use of disposable materials
  • Less printing
  • Use of energy saving lights
  • Less use of plastic bags
  • Collection of plastic containers and tops, as well as batteries for recycling
  • Responsible use of energy
  • Full commitment to being a 100% smoke-free company
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