More than 20 years of committed work and continuous development at your service

From 1991

GPL & Asociados S.R.L. was founded for the development and installation of banking applications.


We initiated and finished the development of a completely new management and control information system, based on the Active Systems principle which provides information and control dynamically.
We extended the scope of our customers to services, commercial and government companies.


We entered into the complex world of development tools, creating products with a high impact on client/server applications development.
We participated in the IBM BesTeam program.


We incorporated resources to the development module for visually scheduling administrative transactions from administrative objects. This module was complemented by a predesigned operational database and a strategic database for the application of managerial products.


We moved into our new offices. We started marketing GenASys as a unique comprehensive solution for the administrative management. The new version of this product was planned to be developed in 1999 and included the concepts of universal browser, networking and the ability to put an online repository available to users with elements for the construction, maintenance and/or improvement of applications.


We improved GenASys with the addition of accessory tools, such as the product structure handler, which allowed the calculation of direct costs, production accounting, control of production parts and determination of material and work centers requirements for a certain batch. We started our training to get ISO 9001 certification.


A new evolutionary stage led us to undertake the Internet version of our ADD solutions system under the motto "from events to knowledge", adaptable as a cross solution for SMEs and for vertical solutions, especially financial entities and government.
Additionally we managed strategic partnerships of technological collaboration with foreign entities.


With the strategic and technical support achieved in 2000, we began implementing Balanced Scorecard and Dashboard services, supported by ADD features. Collaboratively with European companies, we initiated two research projects on management methodologies and systems development.


In December 2002, GPL successfully achieved the certification of its Quality Assurance System, complying with the requirements of IRAM ISO 9002- 1994 standard. The certification achieved had the following scope: Production, Installation, Maintenance and Software After-Sales Service. The participating auditors were representatives of IRAM (Argentine Normalization and Certification Institute) Management System Certification Department. This was the first step in the continuous improvement cycle. The challenge lies in maintaining Quality and improving a little more each day. This is the commitment of GPL to its customers.

2003 to 2005

Development and maintenance of new banking applications for our customers.
In July 2004, we get ISO 9001:2000 certified with the following scope: "Design, development, production, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of financial entities-oriented software". This certification is still valid today and allows us to grow day by day.


Project definition for the development of technological tools (ILEWEB) with the aim of facilitating the reuse of software available in AS/400 and building graphical interface and WEB access.


Project development and marketing of ILEWEB tools.
ISO 9001:2008 certification.
We initiated a project to build solutions according to the Cooperative approach promoted in Argentina.
Active participation in Rosario Technological Center (Polo Tecnológico Rosario). Internationalization of its products and services.


Strategic partnership with Rosario Software S.R.L. for the development and marketing of banking solutions on multiple platforms.


Together with Rosario Software S.R.L. we participated in the Iberoamerican summit on the application of information and communication technologies for the development of society. SummIT 2012 in Paraguay (Asunción).


We exposed our products and services at one of the most computer and information technologies fairs in the world, CEBIT, which took place in Hannover, Germany.


We realized our first project for a foreign client developing a web based application for the generation of insurance policies for the Canadian based insurance company Insure BC.


We will open our new offices in the ATNR (Area Tecnológico Nodo Rosario = Technological Area for the Rosario region) complex which is currently being developed by the Polo Tecnológico de Rosario together with the Government of the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

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