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  • Web Service for i-Series

    Web Service for i-Series is a new application that allows connecting a front-end with the powerful i-Series back-end, respecting the security standars imposed by the BCRA...

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  • Sideba

    The current Banking Sector must face a highly competitive environment, dynamic and changing globalizing processes, involving new challenges not only from the business itself...

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  • Link/400

    We have developed a set of tools to achieve communication between AS/400 (iSeries) and other platforms, through a flexible and transparent channel. It supports effective and synchronous reuse of AS/400...

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  • Ileweb

    Ileweb is a tool that turns AS/400 based RPG interactive applications into WEB applications, without affecting original sources. This solution builds your AS/400 based system web front-end in an agile...

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