Improves your AS/400 system experience in a reliable way with a friendly and intuitive interface

Ileweb is a tool that turns AS/400 based RPG interactive applications into WEB applications, without affecting original sources.

This solution, developed in collaboration with Rosario Software S.R.L., builds your AS/400 based system web front-end in an agile, simple and easy way, taking advantage of the full graphic potential of web systems.

Through this solution, users can enhance and upgrade their current application, without necessarily making broader changes. Our product lets you keep using both 5250 emulation and web environment programs with friendly interfaces and easy and intuitive operation.


This solution is highly scalable as it allows easy incorporation or removal of system components without losing their reliability. Thus, our customers may convert some elements or the whole system so it can be incorporated into a web environment. This can be done without necessarily adding new programming languages and with variable costs, according to the customer's need.

Ileweb enables practical and cost-effective upgrades of your system, without losing the strength of your AS/400 based application and allowing the distribution of your application via intranet or internet from different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.


  • Breaking the limits of 80x24 characters per screen
  • Redesigning web environment-oriented screens
  • Defining dynamic combos
  • Menu generation
  • Creating tabs and scroll bars
  • Sorting and adding graphics to existing sub-files
  • Use of calendar wizards and other accessories
  • Defining attributes of color, font, size, etc.
  • Exporting reports directly as PDF files
  • Linking images, files, emails, etc.

The customer will be able to keep using RPG or ILE-RPG programming without affecting the application, while IleWeb automatically converts programs at compile-time in a completely transparent way for the programmer.

It can be accessed through any web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), so you do not need any other kind of software installed on the user's terminal. Ileweb runs on any AS/400 Model 170 or later, with the operating system 5.1 or later, and it is necessary to have the application’s source files.

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