Extend the reach of your system with secure connections between its various platforms.

We have developed a set of tools to achieve communication between AS/400 (iSeries) and other platforms, through a flexible and transparent channel. It supports effective and synchronous reuse of AS/400 core existing processes on web environments.

Our product facilitates connections between platforms, reduces application development time and efforts, enabling a precise approach to problem solving.

This solution makes it possible for our customers to integrate their web applications, Windows or Linux desktop systems, mobile devices, ATMs, etc. into their main system through the AS/400 interaction offered by LINK/400.

Regarding security, our tool is executed using SSL protocols, which ensures safe communication within the network. Furthermore, it is possible to validate each web platform login by using encrypted data.


  • Online connection to the AS/400 (iSeries) computer
  • Direct access to database
  • Distribution of the different processes logic according to customer and user needs
  • Easy application development and maintenance
  • Processes reuse and incorporation
  • New technologies flexibility with AS/400 security
  • Secure access by specific protocols
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