Research & Development

We are always looking for opportunities to apply new technologies in our products.

Since its beginnings, GPL works developing and innovating both products and relationships with clients, company participants, providers and strategic partners.

The commitment to new developments has always been a constant feature in the evolution of our company, ensuring continued growth and presence in an increasingly competitive global market.

We believe that innovation is growth and we are proud to prove it in each of our actions building new products, partnerships and strategies to create opportunities for our customers and members of the company.


We are developing, with the help of Fonsoft and in partnership with Rosario Software S.R.L., an application for dental professionals. Odontolog seeks to organize and systematize task management, such as shift management, collections (health insurance/prepaid health care plans and payment of fees), billing, medical records, treatment follow-ups, images and material stock, among others.

Odontolog will be flexible, agile, simple and intuitive. It will be developed in web environments and it can be run from a PC, smartphone or tablet. It was designed as a support tool for the professional and/or group of professionals (clinics) and its partners, as it will allow to:

  • Register/modify shifts with optimized allocation
  • Register patient direct charges and healthcare insurance forms
  • Load medical history in detail
  • Get remote access to information
  • Export to other databases

Besides strengthening patient loyalty, Odontolog supports and encourages new sustainable trends by reducing paper usage. That is, not only it helps reduce the time spent searching for information, paper storage costs and increase staff efficiency, but also seeks sustainable solutions by reducing printouts.

The product incorporates innovative tools such as graphic systems for filling out odontograms and the possibility of arranging medical specialty consultations between all professional users of the system.

Odontolog will be available as from April 2015.

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