Web Service for i-Series

Access cross-platform connectivity, between I-Series, Anses, Banelco, Data Warehouse, and many more.

Web Service for i-Series is a new application that allows connecting different platforms and applications, respecting the security standars imposed by the BCRA...

Besides being a reliable and stable product, it eases the maintenance of the different development enviroments (development, testing, and production) hosting the attention programs, designed to take care of the front-end requests.

With this solution, users can make queries and requests with ease, without the need of any major changes. Our product brings the possibility of mantaining excellent perfomance in communication between different enviroments.


  • Stability through AS400 processing.
  • Exceptional response performance archived by preparing new jobs that wait for a task.
  • Complete fulfillment of the BCRA security norms.
  • Flexibility in the processes that attend the service demand.
  • Access controls by day, time, user, service, etc.
  • Dynamic and intuitive control over the different enviroments for application maintenance
  • Service testing tools
  • Business logic reusability

The server can run in a physical or virtual machine, as it has no meaningful memory or processing power requirements. the application runs in a WildFly server, which can function on a Windows Server as well as Linux. The hardware requirements may vary depending on the operating system and user load.

The web services can be accessed with any web browser, there is no software installation needed for the client to use them.

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